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About us

To Represent

Represent the non-commercial collective interests of the members in such a way that the continuity and the success of the members' companies are ensured.

To Advocate

Advocate ‘one message’ on behalf of the members in cases where this continuity or success could be in danger or be negatively influenced.

To Promote

Promote in an impartial way the image of the sector.


What we work for

For Issues

Official rules or regulations that need addressing (chemicals, product handling or packaging and transport) for consumers’ and artists’ protection

For Initiatives

Industry proposals for good working practices

For Standards

Undisputed test methods or requirements that maintain a level playing field for all members

Main Tasks

Follow the Code of Conduct

Encourage members to follow the EuACA Code of Conduct (Recommended behaviour on safety, health and the environment).

EuACA Sector Agenda

Determine the sector’s agenda and define the strategy, developing ‘one voice’ messages and taking ownership for the agreed actions, supporting with the required resource.


Develop advocacy strategies, with corresponding tools and documentation, to communicate clearly to the authorities (and others) how specific regulatory issues have a negative impact on the Artists’ Colours community.

Consulting EuACA members

Ensure that all EuACA members are actively consulted and have the opportunity to be involved in the creation of advocacy and other documentation.

Committee Participation

Organise the participation of company representatives for the relevant meeting bodies, including the sector’s own business and technical groups but also other CEPE working groups.

AC meetings

1. An annual EuACA meeting, that provides a forum for members to network etc.
2. technical committee meetings in order to discuss relevant regulatory issues and voluntary actions.

Artists' Colours Documents

EN71-3 Compliance

Testing Procedures and Methodology for Artists Colours and Writing Instruments

Code of Conduct


15 May 2007

Best practice

in the handling and disposal of waste Artists’ Colours and their packaging

September 2017

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